“the acting honours among the women went to Vivien Conacher’s dippy Aunt Fidalma…who created a real comic grotesque…. as well as vocal panache”

“Vivien Conacher’s titillatingly sassy aunt [was] particularly delightful” – PLANET HUGILL

“Blending seamlessly into the no-holds-barred spirit… a slinky Vivien Conacher ” – THE STAGE

...Fidalma (the hysterical Vivien Conacher) and her instruction-manual inspired lustful lurches…” – JONATHAN BAZ REVIEWS

“The vocals of the main cast were incredibly strong, especially those of the main female leads” SAVAGE ONLINE

“…Expectations were high for what turned out to be a truly engaging evening of superb Wagner singing… The concert opened with a bevy of eight Valkyries appearing from all over the church. Their German diction was as impeccable as the singing and the sound beautifully pitched to fill the space…” – LIMELIGHT MAGAZINE

“The evening’s four soloists, youthful but simply brimming with ability, were a joy… each had their moments, and they blended immaculately in the quartets” – RYE & BATTLE OBSERVER


“absolute charm and sweet sound”  BACH TRACK

“Conacher is one to watch in the future… a near-flawless performance” TRESSPASS MAGAZINE

“handled [the] demanding part with skill” NORTH SHORE TIMES