Wexford Festival Opera Success – Rigoletto

great new voices…an impressive concentration of young and very promising talents” – ★★★★ BACHTRACK

“In the secondary characters, Thomas D’Hopkinson as Monterone and mezzo-soprano Vivien Conacher as Giovanna performed well” – OPERA WORLD (translated)

” …Nežić has a dark bass, which credibly underlines the ruthlessness of the hired murderer. Hopkinson gives the old Monterone enormous authority in his profound bass curse. Veta Pilipenko pleases as Maddalena with warm mezzo-soprano and seductive play. Furthermore, the three complement with Vivien Conacher (Giovanna)… So there is a big and deserved applause for everyone involved.” – ONLINE MUSIK MAGAZIN (translated)

Acclaim for Concert of “Superb Wagner Singing”

in celebration of the Tait Memorial Trust’s 25th Anniversary – 13 September 2017

★★★★ Limelight Magazine

“Expectations were high for what turned out to be a truly engaging evening of superb Wagner singing… The concert opened with a bevy of eight Valkyries… Their German diction was as impeccable as the singing and the sound beautifully pitched to fill the space” – LIMELIGHT MAGAZINE

Critical acclaim for Il Matrimonio Segreto  

★★★★ The Stage   ★★★★ Planet Hugill  

★★★★ Live Theatre UK  ★★★★ Classical Source 

★★★★★ Jonathan Baz Reviews

“the acting honours among the women went to Vivien Conacher’s dippy Aunt Fidalma…who created a real comic grotesque…. as well as vocal panache”  – LIVE THEATRE UK

“Vivien Conacher’s titilatingly sassy aunt [was] particularly delightful” – PLANET HUGILL

“Blending seamlessly into the no-holds-barred spirit… a slinky Vivien Conacher (Fidalma)” – THE STAGE

“Vivien Conacher was fabulously suggestive as the well-informed aunty, coaching her nieces with a battered copy of The Joys of Sex” – CLASSICAL SOURCE

...Fidalma (the hysterical Vivien Conacher) and her instruction-manual inspired lustful lurches…” – JONATHAN BAZ REVIEWS

“The vocals of the main cast were incredibly strong, especially those of the main female leads, and yet even during the most challenging solo arias, duets and harmonies, there was some immense physicality to the action” SAVAGE ONLINE


Triumph in Hastings

Battle Choral Society’s Mozart in May concert reviewed as “breathtaking & triumphant”. Special mention was made of Vivien and her fellow soloists:

“The evening’s four soloists, youthful but simply brimming with ability, were a joy… each had their moments, and they blended immaculately in the quartets” – RYE & BATTLE OBSERVER