Songhaven: Professional Dementia-friendly Music Events


Vivien is the Founder and Director of Songhaven, a not-for-profit Community Interest Company in London. Songhaven’s mission is to bring joy and authentic connection to people living with dementia through the power of professional music-making. The company’s activities include a monthly concert series, care home performance visits, and online concert films – all featuring professional classically-trained artists.

Songhaven’s live events are well-loved for their warm and friendly atmosphere. Movement, participation, and singing along from the audience are all welcomed and actively encouraged. It is all about providing a relaxed and shame-free atmosphere for professional music-making and  community connection to thrive. Audience feedback has included:

“It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a concert so much”

“I loved every minute of it.”

“Fabulous quality… vivacious… such beautiful voices”

“It was all very welcoming, everything explained in the introductions. Lots of favourites”

“Brilliant – so friendly and the beauty of the voices and the selection.” 

“I loved the operatic bits. I don’t get to go as much as I’d like to so this was perfect for me.”

“Beautiful and very professional”

“Beautiful and very inclusive, especially when they got everyone singing.”

“Singing is wonderful- even when the short-term memories are gone, you can still remember words from 40 years ago!”

“People come alive here… it’s a privilege”

“It made me smile and cry, very emotional… a wonderful atmosphere.” 

“The way they performed was superb.”

Please visit for further information and details of upcoming concerts.